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Now below the city of Highfront Livi and Skyler must make there way to the secretive key known as the Wolfsegen to protect the world of Skuldar.
The magical shields have dropped and our heroes are heavily outnumbered. Is this the end for our buddies?
The siege of Highfront is getting dangerous and now 2 of our friends have lizard genitals. Will they survive?
Ruthless as always Princess Andrea has found her way to an unusual Oasis in the middle of Cenorias, but catastrophe is at hand! Will she survive? Find out right now.
Last we saw Andrea... she had fled from Crandons castle in Cenorias with 2 gnomes and 2 kawayans to locations unknown. Now we learn where she went...
Everyone has learned of the treachery in Highfront and with the horde of Bortok just outside, things couldnt get much more dangerous.
Megaliodeez the highest of high wizards ushers our friends to the outskirts of Highfront to confront the evil at their door.
Our friends are safely inside the city of Highfront but an evil Horde waits just outside. Will they be able to get home? Will they even survive the Hordes attack? Find out now.
Our friends stare out upon the valley of Highfront as an imposing figure approaches, will they make it to the League of Wizards? Find out now.
Animosity is growing between our friends and Skyler may be losing his mind. Will they be able to traverse the treacherous forest? Find out right now...

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