The Third Brand has been around since 1999 in several different iterations.  Initially as a place to make fun of people from high school. (it wasnt a federal crime for cyberbullying back then, just good old fashioned fun)

Then in 2001 it became a “forum” as it was called then for friends and others to gather and share photos, stories and life updates.  It quickly grew until it crashed and there was no money to pay for storage and bandwidth.  The founder then killed himself several years later coming to the understanding that he missed out on billions of dollars with the world changing idea of social media.

Resurrecting much like christ, Mitch Stockton then began writing articles on pop culture and his own unbelievable experiences in 2003. An attempt was made to create an ‘online radio show’ in 2003 but the website storage space available at a reasonable price in 2003 only allowed for one episode to ever get published. Mitch later killed himself again with the advent of podcasting in the mainstream in 2004.

Unlike Christ he ressurected a second time, after a story was written about setting his unprotected friend on fire Mitch began working and writing for National Lampoon. While working for National Lampoon he was paid to write, get drunk & write, get drunk & do copious amounts of drugs, web design and go on spring break to write about it.  The Third Brand lived on as a personal blog and portfolio of deeds.  Culminating in the publishing of National Lampoons Guide to Graduating College in 8 Years or More in 2007 of which Mitch co-authored.

Unfortunately like everything else The Third Brand collapsed with the global economy in 2008.  National Lampoon stopped creating new content and creative work all but died.

The Third Brand was being updated maybe once a month, while social media and budget entertainment was taking over the internet.  Mitch began a short stint playing poker and sports gambling with moderate success but neglected The Third Brand and it laid dormant until late 2009.  When the site was completely wiped clean and began anew with the podcast The Mitch and Kevo Show with friend and rampant sexual deviant Kevo Modesto.  The show covered all manner of pop culture, movies, tv, and current events.

The Third Brand continued for several years with articles, podcasts, animation and some youtube videos.  Several projects were shopped around including several animated TV shows Happy State, Hamster Precinct, Firehouse 9, and Starship Spaceship which successfully ran a kickstarter for $10,000 to produce. A live action series called Another Dose of Dumb and Mitch Match were also produced. Unfortunately nothing panned out.

So here comes 2018, and after reading of all the failure, what kind of persistently pathetic loser would even continue? Mitch Fucking Stockton.  So join me in my continuous adventure of creation and entertainment for better or worse.