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Hamster Precinct Trailer

Watch the trailer of Hamster Precinct another original production from The Third Brand.  A dark comedy series satirizing crime procedurals... with Hamsters! The series surrounds...

Starship Spaceship: Rough Pilot Screener

Starship Spaceship was created by Mitch Stockton and with the help of over 130 donors it came to life with the help of Kickstarter. ...

Why I Didn’t Like The Last Jedi

Fair Warning: SPOILERS If you're expecting a full on nerd-rage meltdown, you might get it before the post is complete. But to preface a possible...

Other Post

037 – Im Gonna Go Talk to Gash

Season 1 of The Lost Tales of Adventuring comes to a close. Will this be the end of our characters? Will they ever find what they're looking for?

036 – Dark Dealings

Crandon and Smithy finally get to their dealings. But for what? Whats at stake? How will our friends mess THIS up?? Tune in now!

035 – This Magic Moment

Things are heating up and our friends have a suicidal Thaddeus controlled by Smithy. What happens next?! Will our friends save Thaddeus and kill Smithy, will there be an orgy? Tune in and find out!

034 – Zombies and Dismemberment

This week our friends contend with a confusing courtyard, a jizz monster and an old nemesis comes back to antagonize the gang. Will they ever find a way home!? Time to find out

033 – Crandon’s Castle LIVE From The Whiskey Barrel

On the second half of the live recording of The Lost Tales of Adventuring, our friends are doing what they do best in Crandons castle.. Chaos with A.D.D.  Whats our heroes next move!? Time to find out

032 – The Land of Cenorias LIVE From The Whiskey Barrel

On the very first live recording of The Lost Tales of Adventuring, or friends have just been transported to a far away land in Skuldar by the drunk wizard Aegonik.  Where do our friends go now?  What ever happened with those cannibal elves?  Time to find out