Spotlight Post

Hamster Precinct Trailer

Watch the trailer of Hamster Precinct another original production from The Third Brand.  A dark comedy series satirizing crime procedurals... with Hamsters! The series surrounds...

Starship Spaceship: Rough Pilot Screener

Starship Spaceship was created by Mitch Stockton and with the help of over 130 donors it came to life with the help of Kickstarter. ...

Why I Didn’t Like The Last Jedi

Fair Warning: SPOILERS If you're expecting a full on nerd-rage meltdown, you might get it before the post is complete. But to preface a possible...

Other Post

010 – Jeff Combie

We take a deep dive into the world of crypto currency. How it works, what it is, where to research, where to begin and where its going.

009 – Brandy Hays

I decided to bring in Skylers girlfriend! I dig into all the deep dark secrets. We get into polyamory, swinging, and banging ladies.

008 – Skyler Robertson

Star of The Lost Tales of Adventuring and openly sexually experimental buddy of mine Skyler Robertson stops by for a chat!

007 – Kari Harlow

A genuine, bonafide good person on Game Set Mitch!? Kari Harlow stops by to talk about why you dont call her a masseuse and much more!

006 – Nick Aragon

A stand up comedy veteran of over 10 years decides to sit down and show Mitch how comedy is done. Listen to how the pros do it.

005 – Matt Lazaro

Time to talk all things health and fitness with fitness expert Matt Lazaro. We also get into "toxic masculinity" and the modern man.