Spotlight Post

Hamster Precinct Trailer

Watch the trailer of Hamster Precinct another original production from The Third Brand.  A dark comedy series satirizing crime procedurals... with Hamsters! The series surrounds...

Starship Spaceship: Rough Pilot Screener

Starship Spaceship was created by Mitch Stockton and with the help of over 130 donors it came to life with the help of Kickstarter. ...

Why I Didn’t Like The Last Jedi

Fair Warning: SPOILERS If you're expecting a full on nerd-rage meltdown, you might get it before the post is complete. But to preface a possible...

Other Post

003 – Jason Coyle

You're in for a doozy boys and girls! Mr Jason gives us the low down on one of the biggest conspiracies...

002 – Abigale Dawn

Chronic pain and what Abbies gone through in that struggle. Sex toy parties, Abbies ability to talk girls into anal, and MORE!

001 – Tony Finnegan

Talk about running for mayor of Stockton CA, local politics, and how to fix some problems. As well as running a bar, and handling drunks.

The Lost Tales of Adventuring Adaptation 2 This is an animated adaptation from episode 10 of the story that has continued to well...

Princess Andrea Side Quest 1

Last we saw Andrea... she had fled from Crandons castle in Cenorias with 2 gnomes and 2 kawayans to locations unknown. ...

Treachery in Highfront

Everyone has learned of the treachery in Highfront and with the horde of Bortok just outside, things couldnt get much more dangerous.