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Aegoniks Dealings

Kevin, Skyler and Andrea remain in Aegoniks castle spinning deals and taking part in ill advised exploring.  What does this crazy drunk magic guy want?! Listen now.

Aegoniks Castle

Our characters dig deeper into the mysteries of why the hell theyve been brought to this world, and graphic violence happens!

Aegonik & Fizztan

Our characters have made it to the castle of Aegonik the mage and have some more digging to do if they're ever getting home.


Our lost characters have made it to the village of Darkfall, and theres now a celebration happening in their honor. What happens next? Listen and find out...

So it Begins

So it begins! Jump into the new adventure in an unknown land, as your worldmaster Mitch Stockton shepherds Kevo, Skyler and Andrea through an interactive adventure that can go any where and anything can happen. They can even die never...

Intro to the Show

A big ol introduction to the rpg podcast, and your host Mitch Stockton. Followed by the talented regulars of Skyler Robertson, Kevo Modesto, Olivia Ogilvie, Andrea Santo and Chris Hunter (Hundawg Millionaire).

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