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The Mark of The Beast

Finally making it out of the desert and to the village of Poonton, what old face has come back into their lives now?

A Horsey Snowcone

Now facing the last stretch of desert, what measures will our friends take to survive?
S2 e6. Making their way across an endless desert our friends now face an incoming danger.
S2 e5. Still stranded in the Cenorias desert our friends have to band together with some underground elves to make it to the village of Pontoon.

B Hole Tingles

S2 e4. Dealing with a feral Cocolo, our friends have to think fast to avoid being eaten alive or dying in the blazing desert. What will they do!? Tune in right now.
S2 e3. Our friends are marooned in an endless desert after losing another friend. With nothing more than the hope of help from wizards our friends head Southeast. What comes next!? Tune in right...


Season 2 episode 2. Our friends have escaped the battle at Crandons castle and now traverse a massive desert. Kevin appears to be losing his mind and no one can keep them on track. What comes next!? Tune in right now.
Season 2 is here!! After a long break The Lost Tales of Adventuring returns for your Tuesday night enjoyment. A friend is dead and our gang is fleeing the aftermath of a massive battle! What...

Im Gonna Go Talk to Gash

Season 1 of The Lost Tales of Adventuring comes to a close. Will this be the end of our characters? Will they ever find what they're looking for?

Dark Dealings

Crandon and Smithy finally get to their dealings. But for what? Whats at stake? How will our friends mess THIS up?? Tune in now!

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