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Around the Bend

Our friends are continuing forward to Highfront, but can they trust their guide Fast Fingers Faden? Find out right now...

I Dont Sh*t Shame

Our friends hold a loose alliance with their new companion Fast Fingers Faden. Will it continue so they can make it to Highfront? Find out now!

The End of the Cave

After the misheard message from a creepy voice Skyler and Kevin talk Olivia and Fast Fingers Faden into further exploration...


Our friends need shelter for the night and an artificially illuminated Kevin has found a cave of goblins. Will our friends survive the night? Will James bang Livi? Find out now!

Juicy Beach

After the frivolous murder of potential friends, tensions are at an all time high between our friends. Will they ever make it to the League of Wizards?

The Double D Debacle

Finally leaving Poonton our friends make their way to the League of Wizards, but not before encountering a group of dwarves who are unfortunate enough to get "help" from our friends.

The Poonton Exodus

Now back in the real world our friends have secret knowledge of a bleak and bloody future. Will they help the people of Poonton or flee for their lives?

You Must Drink of Him

Multiple trips to the netherworld and the manipulation of time may have dire consequences for our friends.

50th Episode Q&A Special

Youve asked your questions and the stars of the show are here to answer. Have questions of your own?? Email them to mitch@thethirdbrand.com

The A-Team Van

Our friends have to figure out what is real and what is netherworld or lose themselves to madness forever.

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